Posting a job

At Hospitality Hires we offer Simple and Effective Recruitment Solutions for everyone including corporates, direct employers, advertising, and recruitment agencies. Posting a job on roundjobs is very easy thanks to the attractive and interactive user interface. Even better is the process of recruiting as you get to shortlist and select the best candidates for job positions using roundjobs welcome plan which allows the employer 10 job postings. Here are the easy steps to get started on posting a job:

1.Go to our website at

2.Click on the ‘login’ button which will open the login page.

3.Click the ‘employer’ tab and choose your preferred way to login. Login methods include email login and social login using either your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account.

4.Upon successful login, you will be redirected back to the homepage. Navigate to where your profile image and username are located and upon clicking it a drop-down will show up with an option to ‘go to user dashboard’ or log out.

5.Click on ‘go to user dashboard’ and you will be redirected to the employer dashboard. Here you have the option to create and edit job listings, see job applications, update employer profile, view followers, manage subscriptions, and view transactions. 

6.Navigate to the Jobs tab and click ‘Add ’to create a new Job Posting. You will be required to fill in information about the job posting. Note that all the fields whose labels have a red ‘*’ are mandatory.

7.After filling in information about the job posting you have the option to save the job as a draft for later posting by clicking ‘save as Draft’ or making the job posting live by clicking ‘Save’.

8.You can manage your job posting from the jobs tab using the different options including the option to copy preview link which you can share with your friends, family, and social media platforms.

Hospitality Hire has made the process of posting a job swift and easy, and you are one step away from finding the right candidate.

In case you need any assistance kindly contact us at [email protected]