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Career Growth Strategies Post-Covid

Job Related

As the world slowly gains normalcy, it's essential that people learn new strategies for career growth after the covid crisis. Many organizations have made changes to how they operate over the past few months, some, unfortunately, detrimental to the remainder of the team. Right now, every business is trying to figure out ways to remain afloat after the crisis. Here are some tips to look at as you improve career-wise:

1. Make Technology your Friend

Young people are generally tech-savvy, which suggests that even in an ever-changing world, one can easily stay relevant to whatever is presented to them. Over the previous couple of months, most of the companies that survived the Covid-19 crisis were people who had their interactions online. Digital disruption has efficiently sustained most businesses. A personal initiative to find out changes to form for career success after the Covid-19 crisis is learning new skills like digital marketing, data management, social media management, computer science, etc.

2. Switch to Tech Jobs

Thanks to effective online learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera; a lot of courses are now at the press of a button. For an innovative mind, it's easy to understand new skills that will help in tech-related jobs. After Covid-19, all businesses will desire employees and job seekers who have taken up various upskilling courses, to be easily flexible across roles. Try to grow your career profile and remain relevant within the job market.

3. Establish Personal Branding

To identify new strategies for career growth post-Covid, it remains essential to putting together a private brand that opens a good scope of growth opportunities. Personal branding is the ultimate game-changer if a business chooses you to be associated with their organization. Learning new ways of growth doesn’t need to involve going back to high school. Build a professional brand and let it sell you.

4. Network in the Right Circles

Like everyone else, it’s easy to form connections you haven’t reached out for a while. Over the past few months, tons of individuals have reconnected over social networks. It is therefore the proper time to form connections with the proper circles. Expand your network, but with an honest net worth. Do not just connect with people who will have no impact on the changes you make for your career success.

5. Diversify

By now you must have been wary that having all eggs in one basket has not been wise. To stay relevant in this market, learn to be flexible in different avenues. Build a portfolio system from which you'll gain and learn without counting on one source of income. Begin a side hustle, find out how to figure on social media, digital marketing, etc. The options are limitless if you pay attention.

Covid-19 has been a very big shock to everyone in all parts of the word, Do not let the quarantine mood can be comforting as now is the right time to grow your career. Look and Identify new strategies and skills for career growth during the post-pandemic period. Do not let the opportunity pass. Good luck!

Admin 1 year ago
Blog Article

Career Based and Skill Based CV

Cv Writing

Career Based CV

A career summary tends to be a key component to an honest CV, Such a CV needs to be short and precise to the point. The CV holder needs to come out as an achiever rather than a doer and the job descriptions need to be task-based rather than the results-based meaning you have to tell the employer what you achieved rather than what you did. This is a normal mistake for non-professional CV writers. To be effective and make excitement an excellent CV helps the hiring executive envisage you delivering similar achievements at his or her company. Here are some samples of task-based sentences in your CV:

“Implemented global dynamic resource planning and price budgeting Tool and visualization solution (dashboard to watch the value and resource engagement (Massive cost-saving after automation)”

“Create a new robust & reliable data model for interim and long term solution”

Employers want to understand your previous contributions and specifically how you've made a difference. More importantly, they need to understand how you're getting to make a big difference at their company. The use of compelling language is key as it brings your work to life. vPhrases like “Provider” and “Maintain” are overused, monotonous, and add little value to your CV. Strong action verbs, used with compelling language to stipulate exemplary achievements, are essential parts of a well-constructed CV.

Skill Based Cv

Also referred to as a functional CV, the skills-based CV maybe a little bit of a departure from the standard format employed by job seekers. The skills-based CV typically uses a profile alongside a prominent and detailed skills section on page one, with a quick, line-itemized career history, education, professional training, and extra information sections on page two.

Rather than using your career history and individual roles within it as a framework, a skills-based CV uses the core competencies required for your target role to supply the most structure of your CV.

The required skills or competencies for every target role (e.g. Project Management, Team Leadership, Process Improvement, Digital Marketing) are featured as prominent headings on page one, providing the framework to present relevant achievements. These skills headings should reflect the keywords identified in each target job advert and will be listed so as of importance for every role. The National Careers Service recommends including three to 6 functional headings.

Under each heading, the skills-based CV will feature a series of bullets outlining samples of those skills in action. Examples are often drawn from the jobseeker’s career, voluntary roles, or interests outside work.

The beauty of this format is that career stories are often involved from any area, no matter when and where they happened. A project or achievement that would have been buried on page two of a reverse-chronological CV can be presented front-and-center on a skills-based CV.

Why Not Use a Skills-Based CV

A skills-based CV is often a red flag to a recruiter or hiring manager. It can signal a chequered career history or indicate that you simply don’t have the experience needed for the role in question. After all, there’s a reason you chose that format instead of a reverse-chronological approach. So, what are you hiding?

Another reason to avoid it's that time-poor recruiters find it quicker and easier to digest a reverse-chronological format. They want to ascertain where you've got worked and understand what you achieved in each role, and therefore the skills-based CV would require them to try to tons more digging.

Admin 1 year ago
Blog Article

Posting a Job

Getting Started

Posting a job

At Hospitality Hires we offer Simple and Effective Recruitment Solutions for everyone including corporates, direct employers, advertising, and recruitment agencies. Posting a job on roundjobs is very easy thanks to the attractive and interactive user interface. Even better is the process of recruiting as you get to shortlist and select the best candidates for job positions using roundjobs welcome plan which allows the employer 10 job postings. Here are the easy steps to get started on posting a job:

1.Go to our website at

2.Click on the ‘login’ button which will open the login page.

3.Click the ‘employer’ tab and choose your preferred way to login. Login methods include email login and social login using either your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account.

4.Upon successful login, you will be redirected back to the homepage. Navigate to where your profile image and username are located and upon clicking it a drop-down will show up with an option to ‘go to user dashboard’ or log out.

5.Click on ‘go to user dashboard’ and you will be redirected to the employer dashboard. Here you have the option to create and edit job listings, see job applications, update employer profile, view followers, manage subscriptions, and view transactions. 

6.Navigate to the Jobs tab and click ‘Add ’to create a new Job Posting. You will be required to fill in information about the job posting. Note that all the fields whose labels have a red ‘*’ are mandatory.

7.After filling in information about the job posting you have the option to save the job as a draft for later posting by clicking ‘save as Draft’ or making the job posting live by clicking ‘Save’.

8.You can manage your job posting from the jobs tab using the different options including the option to copy preview link which you can share with your friends, family, and social media platforms.

Hospitality Hire has made the process of posting a job swift and easy, and you are one step away from finding the right candidate.

In case you need any assistance kindly contact us at [email protected]

Admin 1 year ago